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Many, many thanks to the following: my mom and dad, my teddy bear, my cat, StockXchng, Dynamic Drive, SonSpring, OWD, and everyone on planet Earth. Did I miss anyone?


If you would like to credit me for this design, leave a link to my website anywhere on your site. Or - better yet - use the spiffy CopyCat Design logo below.

CopyCat Designs


I wanted to design something sweet and simple, with a touch of elegance. .. so when I happened upon this online magazine, I knew I found the perfect design inspiration.

This submission is in keeping with CopyCat Designs' mission --- improving and making available to the open source community great designs and layouts that strike my fancy.

Design Notes

I used three different colours, namely:

  • grey (#9e9b9a)
  • pink (#fcb9b9)
  • white (#ffffff)

It should be a simple matter of using the replace function in your css editor to change the whole look. The navigation images are a bit more tedious to change, though. You'll need to use a paint program to change the pink to whatever colour you wish. I'd like that point out that there were no tables were used in this design --- just an awful lot of css. (5 to be exact.) If you need help with anything, I would be more than happy to lend a hand.

Images & Effects

The images showcased is courtesy of stock.xchng. You can spruce your website up with really quality photos for $0.00! The hover effect (place your cursor over the images) was achieved using css and html. Neat, isn't it? It was coded by SonSpring and many thanks go to him. It adds that little special something to this design, don't you think?

Contact Moi

As always, drop me a line if you like this design and/or are planning on using it. You can use the form below or email me via OSWD or directly to la.senorita.maria[at] .



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